Biological Dentistry As a Way of Replacing Potentially Harmful Amalgam Fillings

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Having metal in your mouth is like licking a metal lollipop for your entire life. That doesn't sound appetizing to you?

Biological dentists believe the potential harmful effects of amalgam fillings and other metal dentistry far outweigh their benefits.

Biological dentistry also is referred to as holistic dentistry. It involves removing mercury fillings, bridges, metal crowns and other dental work that may contain toxins and replacing them with synthetic substitutes.

Dr. Josef Issels, a German physician, was among the first to make statements about how toxins from dental fillings potentially could be harmful to a person's overall health, according to the American Cancer Society Web site.

It is believed that these toxins can lead to other diseases including joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, cancer and damage to the heart, blood vessels, kidneys and brain. It also is a potential causative factor in Alzheimer's disease.

The cracks and crevices caused by these metals also can create a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, which can lead to future dental problems.

The materials and procedures used to treat the teeth and jaws have the potential to affect patient's immune systems and overall health. Because of that, we offer methods to eliminate the potential for allergy and/or toxicity of metals with the least disturbance to your immune system and your overall body balance.

There are many people who still have the old style dark fillings made of amalgam and silver. Although many people refer to them as "silver" fillings, the truth is that the fillings contain only 30 percent silver. Mercury makes up 50 percent of the filling and the remainder consists of other metals. Calling these fillings 'silver' isn't just inaccurate. "It's also misleading."

Tooth-colored fillings offer an attractive, conservative and cost-effective method of restoring a tooth, but their longevity is limited. Inlays provide a more durable, long lasting, stable and attractive option.

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Biological Dentistry As a Way of Replacing Potentially Harmful Amalgam Fillings

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This article was published on 2010/04/02